Stress Release Response Workshop

We can help you learn how to reduce stress, relax and enjoy life more. Don’t miss this 3-hour workshop that will change your life!

The Stress Release Response is a practical, simple method of stopping your reaction to stress. Stress in the workplace directly affects every aspect of our private lives, but we needn’t acquiesce to the all-too-common extreme consequences. During this introductory program, you’ll gain the practical tools to release stress in your life.

The Workings Of The Mind: Concentration For A Fulfilling Life

If you want to be fulfilled in life, you have to first know and then consciously choose that which fulfills you, and stop occupying yourself with what does not fulfill you. This requires a concentrated mind. Concentration is necessary for meditation. In this workshop Dr. Vogel teaches the mind’s fundamental characteristics and how to fine-tune its workings. This leads to a deep understanding of yourself and your life’s purpose.

Flourishing In The New Millennium: Eye Of The Hurricane

In a society that moves at the speed of computers, it is a matter of practical health to have a steady internal balance. To flourish in the new millennium, you must master being the eye of the hurricane: balanced and clear no matter what events are whirling around you. In this workshop Erhard guides you to find that place of peace within—an experience that will motivate you for the rest of your life. You will learn how to establish a state of continuous balance that allows for meditation.

Self-Realization Through The Expert In Life TM Approach

In this lecture you will learn about the Expert in LifeTM Approach to fulfillment. This is a step-by-step method to consistently direct and transform your mind, emotions, body and senses, intellect and intuition as the self-empowered expert of your life. Thus you learn to know who you really are, release all limitation and live in Self-realization.

The Four Fundamentals Of Meditation

You may sit for meditation for years, but without mastering the fundamentals you cannot experience the great pleasure and full benefit of meditation. The four fundamentals help you avoid the pitfalls of unclear and misdirected practice, and allow you to attain the deepest and most expansive meditative states.

Positive Change That Lasts

Often we plant the seeds for change, only to let them wither as they sprout. This workshop reveals practical ways to pro-actively nurture change into full bloom that will last throughout your life. You are guided through experiences that give you the insights and practical life application techniques by which you can make permanent positive change.

The 8 Steps To Successful Decision-Making

The first step is deciding—amid the myriad influences assaulting the senses—what you really want. You will learn how to predictably discriminate between what yields only temporary satisfaction and what choices lead to lasting success. The steps that follow give you a clear structure for achievement. In this workshop you will acquire specific tools to attain your most cherished goals.

Fulfilling Relationships

We all want stimulating, deeply satisfying and lasting relationships, and yet few of us have acquired the skill to create them. To have fulfilling relationships with others, you must first develop a real relationship with yourself. This workshop teaches the three essential steps to fulfilling relationships.