Life-changing Books

Written by Erhard Vogel, PhD


Journey Into Your Center

journey_cover Journey Into Your Center is a guide for individuals who have matured sufficiently to take responsibility for their lives and their destiny. It leads you to the subtlest and most expansive consciousness, and helps place your contemporary life into the context of your real identity, eternal Beingness.This is not a quick-fix book offering superficial “how-to” formulae–it engages you in a process for real transformation. The experiences offered can change your life involvement from the superficial to the substantive, from the ephemeral to the permanent, from the illusory to the real. Through this transformation you achieve the ability to effect lasting fulfillment and make a positive contribution to humanity.

Topics covered in this text include:
The Spirit That you Are
The Fear of Success
Experiencing Clear Reflection with a Calm Mind and much, much more

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Life Changing
I have started to read and then re-read this book. I have been able to really apply the concepts in such a way that my actions now center around what is most relevant and meaningful to my life. Erhard Vogel has a way of taking you to your center very quickly and succinctly in such a way that I find my behavior changing. There is a lot of research about meditation and science is revealing the true plasticity of the brain. I have experienced how powerful a true relationship with self can be in improving your life. “Journey Into Your Center” is great to pick up and read any chapter that speaks to you. It need not be read in any particular order – it all makes sense and each chapter can stand alone. I hope you take the time to explore the book and the concepts it explores.
-Jamilla Nelson

A Fundamental Question of Your Life
If your answer to the question of “Who Are You?” is to list your roles in life, ( mother, spouse, sister etc.), or your accomplishments (mechanic, CEO, doctor etc.) these are answers that miss the most essential fact about you. If you think about it, you’ve always been who you are since day one. You haven’t always been mother, doctor, spouse, etc. So that can’t be who you are. If this comment piques your curiosity then I recommend this book written by a true teacher who can guide you toward the experience of the truth that already resides within you. I’ve come to know this book well as a student in the class that Dr. Erhard Vogel teaches. Through this book and the teachings of Dr. Vogel which include expert instruction in meditation, I have experienced the truth of who I am, and that is the most profoundly valuable information of my life. I recommend this book highly, but even more I recommend his course,

-Barbara Measelle

A Book That Transforms Lives
This book really gets to the heart of who we are. You can learn a lot about yourself in the chapters. Over the past 8 years, I’ve read the same chapters and had a completely different experience with what I was reading because of where I was in my life. Most of the chapters are only a few pages long which makes it ideal for people with a busy lifestyle. Each chapter also stands on its own so you can really dig into the significance of a single chapter instead of reading it like a novel.

Also, if you’re wanting to go in more depth with the book, I would highly recommend Erhard’s “Expert In Life Program.” I’ve taken it and it has made a huge difference in how I relate to myself. There, we don’t just talk about the book. Erhard gives us deep and meaningful life experiences so we can use the book as a way of evolving ourselves towards leading a life of significance and meaning.

Transformational Read
This is a great book with truthful teachings and honest instruction that has the potential to lead to real transformation. This is not just another book about theories and intellectual thoughts on meditation and spiritual practice. Dr Vogel offers very simple concepts and specific practices that ANYONE can use to change his/her life. After reading this book, it is hard not to know quite clearly that our lives, fulfillment, and happiness are in our control…..and have been all along.

This book is full of invaluable knowledge, goes to the core, frees your soul and leaves you strong, peaceful and ready for life!
This is the deepest and most helpful book I have ever read. The first time I read it I gained invaluable experience about how to enjoy and improve my life. The chapters gave me knowledge and specific steps to focus my mind, free myself from stress, know myself truly and make choices that are loving and true to me and the people in my life. As I read chapters again and again (they are short and easy to include in a busy day) I absorb more and more of the deep knowledge and experience they contain. The world would be a better place if everyone were to read this book!
-Mary Kilmer

Recommend Without Hesitation!
A real guide to bringing about fulfillment in your life. If you want to make powerful positive and lasting changes in your life, this book and the programs offered at the Ashram are what you have been seeking.

Through these teachings, I personally have learned how to live my life as an expert in balance, clarity, deep security and satisfaction, fulfilled and living true to myself and true to my meaning. Answers to the questions; “Who am I really?” and “What am I here for?” are answered within you as you are guided skillfully by a true Master. This book and Dr. Erhard’s Teachings have made a game changing difference in my life. I recommend ” Journey Into Your Center” without hesitation to anyone who is ready to become the expert in their lives and truly liberate themselves from falsity and start down the path towards fulfillment.
-Brian Lewis

The Four Gates: A Saga of the Human Being on the Path
from the Pit of Despair to the Realm of Fulfillment,
from confusion to Clarity,
Culminating in the Deepest Realization

4Gates300Do you long to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, beyond the material pursuits of the American dream? Have you worked hard to achieve success, only to find it leaves you feeling empty? Do you have negative behaviors from which you want to free yourself? In this unique work we are privileged to finally have secret teachings revealed in a way by which they reverberate within, guiding us to live in harmony and achieve fulfillment in Self-realization.

Dr. Vogel tells an evolutionary tale about a wanderer who lives in a world of despair but is inspired by a vision of a life of joy and meaning. He gains the courage to climb out of the pit of despair and travel to that luminous realm. There he meets a guide who helps him unlock four gates. He advances through the realms of Knowledge, the Science of Self, the Meditation of Action, and Love and Devotion, to the Inner Court, the ultimate goal.

The Four Gates, derived from a spontaneous talk given by Dr. Vogel at the Nataraja Yoga Ashram in 1986, includes detailed points of knowledge that guide you on the path to fulfillment by living according to your true identity and thereby freeing yourself from the self-imposed limitations that curtail human lives.

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See what readers are saying about The Four Gates

A Complete Path to Living in Clarity

In the royal realm of reality there are four gates. As we progress into the realm we discover that each gate is an indispensable, direct means to fulfillment, but none is sufficient in itself. You learn about your true Self, but knowledge is not enough. You learn to experience your essence and cultivate behaviors congruent to yourself, but this also is not enough. You learn love and devotion to the Being you really are, and even then, something more is required for the life you long for. As the tale masterfully unfolds, you discover the complete path to living in clarity, self-awareness and real fulfillment. You, the reader, are the participant in this saga!
– P.R. Realtor

A Practical Guide to Experiencing a Fulfilling Life

The Four Gates is a beautiful and inspiring tale. It is also so much more. It is a practical guide to experiencing a fulfilling life. Any questions you may ask, and any questions you don’t ask, are answered. Read this book!
– F.S. Elementary School Teacher

So Many Layers of Knowledge

The Four Gates offers so many layers of knowledge with such clarity that it evokes in the sincerely focused reader the experience of the path to real fulfillment in life. With every reading an even more profound experience is available.
– M.M. Life Coach

A Map Into The Royal Realm

C. S. Lewis said the gates of hell are locked from the inside. In The Four Gates, Dr. Erhard Vogel shows us how to find the key, and then draws a map and personally guides us out of pain and suffering into the royal realm to claim our place in it. In these pages the sincere wanderer is provided step-by-step instruction to limitless self-experience and self-expression.
– J.B. Realtor

Changes the Way I Relate to Life

This book expresses the journey to fulfillment. It is, by far, one of the greatest works I have read. As I engage in it and apply its insights, I can see the profound changes it makes in how I relate to my family, my community and, most importantly, to myself. If you are sincere in your life’s journey, this book will be an invaluable guide to reaching fulfillment in Self-realization.
– R.T. Doctor 

A Truly Remarkable Accomplishment

From the beginning of this tale, the author helps you establish a positive and real foundation for self-experience, which makes it possible to accomplish this vitally important inner journey with enjoyment, ease and ever-increasing self-trust. As you read, you are personally guided safely, lovingly and expertly. The self-development afforded by The Four Gates is a truly remarkable accomplishment, both by the author and by the sincere reader.
– M.K. Music Teacher

A Journey of Self-Discovery

The Four Gates is a masterful guide to personal development. The story subtly and powerfully takes us on a journey of self-discovery and shows us the true path to fulfillment. An easy-to-follow and important book that is bound to change lives.
– J.S. Realtor