Taught by Dr. Erhard Vogel

Duration: 8 months

Tuition: $2,500


  • Proficiency with beginning and intermediate yoga asana
  • Proficiency with more advanced asanas such as the Scorpion so you can demonstrate them to students as something to look forward to
  • Thorough investigation of the benefits of the asanas
  • Physiology: Thorough investigation of the Systems of the body (i.e. Circulatory, Respiratory, etc.) and the organs of the body (i.e. Pancreas, Spleen, etc.)
  • “The Yoga Teacher” Lecture: A beautiful discourse by Erhard on the purpose, privilege, and most effective methods of teaching to effectively guide students along on their spiritual path
  • Teachings on & practice of how to teach REAL yoga vs. just the physical movements. Moving with the breath, moving in consciousness. The Technique Triad
  • Expertise at teaching final relaxation
  • Helpful ideas on increasing class size
  • Examining the various types of Yoga (Hatha, Raja, Karma, Kundalini, etc.)
  • How to teach Advanced Breathing (Pranayama)
  • Ensuring your students progress and keep coming to classes
  • The techniques: proper breathing and concentration
  • Creating the proper learning environment
  • Effective communication, professional behavior
  • Observe experienced teachers/supervised practice teaching
  • Certification ceremony for graduates