From the beginning, I knew from its tone of certainty in so clearly and directly presenting obvious truth, that this would be one of the most important books I’ve ever read….possibly THE most important.    I experienced the words screaming out, “This is true and you need to pay attention!”  I knew it would affect my life positively from the first moment, and it has.  It has focused me in knowing the difference between just seeking knowledge and living what I know to be true consistently and with integrity in my life, the crucial importance of every choice I make daily in my life, cause and effect [karma], illusion and reality, and knowing how to be in charge of my own evolution.  The gripping personal relevance of Death in Erhard’s six-year old experience to his whole life, affecting humanity in so many positive ways, runs throughout the saga.  My curiosity kept me continuously fascinated to know what lay around the next corner. 
-Pam R.