The meaning of our existence lies in the experience of it.

Real knowledge is only possible through direct experience.

The process of life is a persistent opening of ourselves to ever subtler understanding and enjoyment of all levels and facets of existence.

All nature is driving toward the realization of its integral fullness.

Love is the power of union in all creation.

Love is the natural reaction to the total understanding of the nature of universal Being.

Striving is an instrument which nature has instilled in all her creatures to serve her greatest aim: evolution.

We may frequently experience feelings of imbalance and fear just before we are about to evolve to a higher degree of consciousness.

Commitment couples us to success if we have enough self-respect to honor it even when things become difficult.

As long as we are unwilling to commit ourselves to positive action, we remain bound to negative tendencies.

Unattended problems will grow into crises, and we know from experience that crisis forces us to face reality, almost always in painful ways.

It takes a refined sense of reality to distinguish between that which merely appears to be pleasant and that which is truly good.

The supreme essence is in all; do not attempt to limit it to any one view of its infinite names and forms and actions.

To the degree that there is attachment in a relationship to that degree is there a lack of love.

Running toward our daily mirages is the blow of death to the experience of our real existence.