Meditation CD’s and MP3’s

The Cave Meditation

During his early years, Erhard was granted the wonderful privilege to live in a sacred cave deep in a sheer mountain cliff of the Indian Himalayas.  He spent an extended period there, maintained a vow of silence and dedicated himself to meditation

The Stress Release Response

During the past 40 years, Dr. Vogel has taught tens of thousands of students from many parts of the world to effectively reduce stress.

Guided Meditation for Beginners

This meditation provides an inspiring and enjoyable experience in which you will learn the fundamental steps necessary for meditation, and cultivate your ability to relax at will, focus your mind, and know yourself and your potential on the deepest level.

Centering Meditation

In this meditation you are guided in a unique and powerfully effective method of making the state of clear and centered Consciousness directly available. Anyone who sincerely implements the step-by-step suggestions will create an inner state that is vibrant and attentive as well as deeply relaxed, thus overcoming internal struggles, mental distraction and the ‘zoned-out’ state that is often mistaken for meditation.

 The Healing Power of Love

Imagine having everything about you in such a pure, clear and luminous state that your deepest insights and inner light shine forth in unrestricted strength. With this meditation, you will guide your faculties to harmonious union and thereby develop a powerful, peaceful love of yourself that creates healing from the physical to the deepest levels. 

The Silent Observer

Learn to guide your faculties into a calm, clear and balanced state in which you experience yourself as the unattached witness to all events, external and internal. Here you attain a level of perception and judgment far subtler and more lucid than your ordinary mental processes allow. The relief and freedom gained by becoming skilled at maintaining the Silent Observer state is a significant aid to anyone who wants a life of empowerment and peace.

Yoga For Life – 4 CD’s

Erhard instructs you with clear, detailed description through a wide variety of yoga postures in two hour-long classes. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will find it easy to give yourself your own rejuvenating classes at home. This will benefit you on all levels: developing flexibility and strength, deeply calming and centering the mind, creating a state of balance emotionally and on every level. You will use these recordings for years to come, growing ever healthier and more powerful.

Advanced Breathing Techniques and the Breath Meditation

This set of two recordings guides you through: 1) the super-oxygenation and alternate nostril breathing techniques, or Pranayama, which you can employ to dramatically increase your clarity, vitality and concentration, as well as balance and fine-tune your nervous system; and 2) the Breath Meditation, a guided experience in harmonious breathing requisite to meditation in which this natural process becomes deeply significant and strengthens your experience of Being.