The Eightfold Path Patanjali stated, “Yoga citta vritti nirodha”: “Yoga is the cessation of the modifications of the mind.” Through this experiential lecture you will build a deep understanding of this state, your access to meditation.

Yama: Restraint Why do you keep falling for the “same old stuff” that prevents you from happily and successfully going through life? In this lecture Erhard teaches how to avoid your own personal pot-holes and stay on track to fulfilling your unique potential.

Niyama: Observances When focused on positivity, you do not feel deprived of the habits that limit your happiness—negative habits that we are all too often attached to. In this lecture you will learn how to be in empowerment and contentment regardless of the external conditions.

Who Are You? Your life has a purpose. Knowing who you are, not as theory, but in your own experience, is crucial to real growth. In this discussion you will open up to a deeper understanding of your essential Self and the source of your inspiration.

Pratyhara: Withdrawing the Mind Because the mind coordinates so many of your functions, when you can predictably remove it from its wanderings and focus it clearly, the beauty and grandeur of the Self you really are, is revealed. In this experiential teaching you learn how to withdraw mind from conflict and distraction and settle into a simple, pure state of peace.

Large Change vs. Small Change What is the best way to make change? How can you finally get motivated and have the best life possible, as opposed to just some improvement here and there? In this lecture Erhard addresses these important questions and reveals the key to making positive change toward fulfillment.

The Katha Upanisad: A Meeting With Death This lecture provides an introduction to the beautiful teaching of the Katha Upanisad, the inspired record of the ancient masters of high consciousness, the Rishis. This teaching is so distilled and pure it is considered secret—suitable only for properly prepared disciples. Learn about the great boon of a relationship with a true Teacher, as personified by the Great Lord Yama, Death. Through this relationship you can gain knowledge with certainty that delivers you from the cycles of birth and death and rebirth, and brings you nearer to the realization of the essence of your existence. (Can be expanded into a lecture series of 6 to 60 1-Hour Meetings, as per your Ashram’s choice.)

Bhagavad Gita: The Course Of Action This lecture provides an introduction to the study of the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most important texts ever written—for people of all ages and religions. Learn how to experience in writing the wisdom that also resides in your heart: the wisdom of the universal reality. Discover how the Gita can be a great stimulator of a depth of experience of Being far beyond the norm: a constant and brilliant guide on the path from ignorance to luminous realization. (Can be expanded into a lecture series of 6 to 60 1-Hour Meetings, as per your Ashram’s choice.)