Optimal Performance Series Class 1 -or- Individual Workshop

Improved concentration and less mental distraction result in increased efficiency and fewer mistakes.

Expert In Life™ training builds up individuals’ strengths and helps them establish a mentality in which they are powerfully focused and can successfully handle stress. They develop an effortless continuity in concentration, and become highly motivated to always be ready and balanced to make use of every opportunity.

  • Learn the “Six Steps to Concentration”
  • Measurably improve memory & retention
  • Stimulate innovation and reduce errors

“Dr. Vogel’s program has given me the opportunity to clear my mind and my desk, to do away with confusion. My professional life as well as my private life have taken a definite swing onward and upward. I am feeling very positive and focused.”
– Ron Rolfe, Executive Director
Rolfe & Associates

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Quotes by Dr. Vogel

“Sometimes it seems that when we need it most, mind wanders everywhere but where we need it. Our mind can be so enmeshed in an intricate network of distractions that we feel as powerless as a bound prisoner. This can be an extremely frustrating situation. The distracted mind, instead of serving us, enslaves us.”

“In this multi-faceted approach of seizing life expertise…you cultivate the ideal state of mind and free yourself from tendencies that oppose this state. You learn the causes and costs of distraction, and how to actively overcome them. You train your mind to be in a state of steady concentration at will and to become a powerful and subtle instrument of fulfillment.”

— Erhard Vogel, from Journey Into Your Center