The Optimal Performance Series &
Individual Workshops

Employees living to their potential lead your company to the fulfillment of its potential. 

As a businessperson, you would like to have yourself (and your colleagues) “humming on all cylinders”: your mind sharp as a tack and your intellect far-reaching and creative. You want your emotions and feelings calm, not reactive to stress, and able to add helpfully to your decisions, not detract. You want your body and senses full of energy and fine-tuned, not distracting your performance with tension or pain. Even your intuition could play a part in keeping sight of the big picture.

Level One: The Optimal Performance Series

What makes the Expert In Life™ training so unusually effective is that we give participants not just information and techniques, but also deep-reaching experience. Once they have had direct experience of what they are capable of, they are motivated and equipped to use the step-by-step techniques they learn in the program, such as The Stress Release Response™ and Six Steps to Concentration.

The Expert In Life Corporate Program is non-religious, and suitable for people of any faith. Practical techniques, detailed materials and ongoing support make it easy to apply their learning to everyday situations.

All courses are custom-tailored to meet your particular business needs. Pre and post-course evaluations assure measurable results.

Standard format consists of six weekly classes:

  1. Concentration
  2. Energy Increase
  3. Effortlessly Balanced Physiology
  4. The Stress Release Response™
  5. The Optimal Communication System I
  6. The Optimal Communication System II

The Advancing Levels

After Level One has been completed, your company can continue with programs that apply the Optimal Performance State to essential business skills. Advancing levels include:

  • Optimal Teamwork
  • Optimal Leadership
  • Specialized Applications

Individual Workshops

Some of the topics in the Optimal Performance Series are available as individual workshops:


  • 1 hour introduction
  • 2-3 hour workshops
  • 1-2 day retreats
  • Keynote Talks

Sample Topics

  • Introduction to The Optimal Performance State
  • The Six Steps to Concentration™
  • Increasing Your Energy Level
  • The Stress Release Response™
  • The Optimal Communication System
  • Optimal Teamwork
  • Optimal Leadership

“Windowmaster has sent employees to numerous training programs, both on-site and off-site, throughout the years. Our employees have never asked for more training. However, after the retreat, several employees approached us and asked for additional corporate training from you. Imagine our delight—this is every corporation’s dream!”

-Margie Lester, Manager of Human Resources
Windowmaster Corporation

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Quotes by Dr. Vogel

“Our body, mind, feelings, emotions, senses, intellect and intuition are the instruments with which to claim our success; untrained, however, they are the source of your downfall.

In this course, you learn easy, powerfully effective, practical steps to fine-tune and redirect these faculties to work harmoniously and powerfully for you.”
“The effects of the learning program at The Expert in Life Foundation are lasting and, at least for me, life-changing. I have been involved with many human potential programs over the past 20 years and I cannot think of any program I would recommend more.”
— Don Hanley,
Past President,
Professional School of Psychological Studies