This book was written to be experienced deeply by the reader, where recognition of inner truth resides. This allows the reader to discover their true being for themselves. More than a story, or even mere teachings, it can be a catalyst for the most meaningful personal transformation. The writing’s simple direct honesty sheds light on your capacity for Self-realization. It will touch your heart, and reveal to you a fresh, uncomplicated approach to a life that really works.

In this time when meditation and the mind-body-spirit connection have become a mainstream pursuit, it is easy to find interesting information. It is rare, however, to find expert and personal guidance by a teacher who lives what he teaches.

This is not a quick fix, offering superficial how-to formulae. It engages readers in a process by which they lay the foundation for a real transformation of their personal inner lives, which affects their relationships and professional workings. The book offers a substantive experience by which sincere readers can change their life involvement from the superficial to the substantive, from the ephemeral to the permanent, from the illusory to the real. Through this transformation we find within ourselves the ability to achieve real, lasting fulfillment, and make a positive contribution to our society and to humanity.

Unique to this book is its realness – a sharp contrast to the dogma, the superficial, theoretical or even hearsay or fantasy that we so often find in the increasingly popular spiritual sections of bookstores. The Four Gates is an utterly straightforward, practical, authentic sharing of that about us which is beyond time, circumstance or condition. The reader will experience self-recognition—that real Self, the limitless essence that we are. The actual living of Self in day-to-day life separates this teacher and author from others—daring to be in the experience of his limitlessness, he speaks to that in us. As you are carefully guided to trust Self, your experience of your limitlessness is without doubt.