According to a study in The Journal of Positive Psychology, happiness and the pursuit of meaning are two of the most widely held goals by which people measure success and find motivation. For many, achieving material success still leaves them yearning for meaning in life.

Dedicated to teaching others how to live meaningfully, Dr. Erhard Vogel shares his expertise in guiding readers onto a successful path of fulfillment in his new book, “The Four Gates.”

Derived from a spontaneous talk given by Vogel at the Nataraja Yoga Ashram, this book includes detailed points of knowledge that guide readers on the path to fulfillThe4GATESment by living according to one’s true identity and thereby being freed from the self-imposed limitations that curtail human lives.

Vogel reveals secret teachings in a way that will reverberate within readers, guide them to live in harmony and achieve fulfillment in Self-realization. An entertaining and compelling saga, the book is carefully constructed to allow the reader to work through direct experience with a master teacher in a straightforward and practical approach to enlightenment.

“This is a story that the reader will find fascinating—but more than that, the reader will identify with the main character and experience his own evolution toward fulfillment,” Vogel said.

“The Four Gates: A Saga of the Human Being on the Path from the Pit of Despair to the Realm of Fulfillment, from Confusion to Clarity, Culminating in the Deepest Realization”

By Erhard Vogel
ISBN: 978-1-49177-308-6
Available in softcover and e-book
Available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse