The long-awaited book by Dr. Erhard Vogel is here!

A Dialogue With Death
The Teacher Of Life
An Ancient Story For The Modern World

Learn how to live in Self-realization:
Our Meditation, Raja Yoga, and Spiritual Guidance programs
enable you to experience life deeply and meaningfully,
so that you will have lasting peace and fulfillment in this lifetime.





“Self-realization is what all life strives for. It is making real our deepest longings and highest aspirations by living, experiencing and expressing our real Self, and thereby fulfilling our life potential. Without Self-realization as our fundamental life focus, nothing will work. With it, all aspects of life come together in abiding peace.”
-Erhard Vogel, PhD

The Benefits of becoming an expert on the path to Self-realization:

  • Relief from stress, even during challenges
  • A calm, clear, focused mind
  • Freedom from depression
  • Self-acceptance, Self-love, Self-empowerment
  • Ease and intimacy in relationships
  • Determination and follow-through
  • Consciously leading a life of meaning

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